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Athleta & The Witnesses

Athos, the classical Greek word for contest, or competition, came to signify man, and his search in obtaining excellence. This sculptural assembly is a tribute to this ideal. It represents the powerful relationship between human passion, love, reason, and our mother earth. Stone has been an unfailing recorder of the complexity involving the earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil. Without stone, life’s documented history, and journey from creation, to the present, would lack a fundamental witness. Athleta represents the vigouresness, and idealism of the human spirit. Athleta and its surrounding figures are involved in an emerging narrative which reveals their legacy as the preeminent witnesses of life’s evolution. Their immergence is not only from the remote and mysterious past but projected into the future, an indestructible monument to our innate ability to face all challenges and to preserve our resilience as living beings while keeping a sharp eye focused on the future.

Giancarlo Calicchia (C) 2011

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