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Giancarlo Calicchia

Artist, master sculptor and founder of Calicchia Stone Industries Inc. (one of the largest architectural stone suppliers, designers and installers in the country, with offices and fabrication facilities in Cleveland, Verona, Carrara, Italy and Caracas.) 

"I have been a sculptor all my adult life and perhaps long before that. I learned through my work that there is an essential seriousness to all of our human passions, what the Romans called gravitas. I believe that without this commitment, this gravitas, we would be less than what we are. All over the world, in Italy, Haiti, Mexico, Canada and right here in Northeast Ohio I have been involved with learning and sharing and teaching experiences that have forged a desire to be the best and to give the best and even more when possible. Art should encourage and exalt this basic human drive to learn and create to the limits of our ability."